Announcements- Week of March 29

Posted on Mar 31 2021 - 6:30pm

Everyone, happy Spring Break!

The troop backpacking trip went well. The weather on Saturday was great. The weather on Sunday was “not so great.” But, we enjoyed the trip (other than the sore feet and muscles).

Announcements- Week of March 8

Posted on Mar 7 2021 - 6:29pm

Everyone, approximately 30 scouts attended our “patrol day” on Saturday. While it was slightly cold, it was a beautiful day. And, unlike the previously scheduled date, the ground was not covered in ice.

Announcements- Week of May 17

Posted on May 17 2021 - 10:50am

Everyone, I hope you’re having a nice weekend. And, I hope the weather is warmer for the Lake Anna campout next weekend.

A few Troop 682 announcements are noted below.

Announcements- Week of May 2

Posted on May 2 2021 - 7:35pm

Everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather this weekend.

And, thanks to everyone who assisted with equipment day on Saturday.

A few Troop 682 announcements are noted below.

Announcements- Week of Nov 1

Posted on Nov 1 2021 - 7:08pm

Everyone, we enjoyed the Sully District Fall Mudoree (also known as the Camporee).

And, we won the wilderness tenting event and the chili cookoff. Great job Troop 682!

Announcements- Week of Nov 14

Posted on Nov 14 2021 - 6:41pm

Everyone, Troop 682 collected 2,475 pounds of food during Scouting for Food. That’s awesome. It will benefit a lot of people.

A few troop announcements are noted below.

Announcements- Week of Nov 21

Posted on Nov 21 2021 - 4:58pm

Everyone, congratulations to the scouts (and adults) who hiked Signal Knob. Great job!

Scouts, if you camped and/or hiked, please remember to record your camping (including frost points) and/or hiking in your activity logs through Scoutbook.

Announcements- Week of Nov 23

Posted on Nov 23 2020 - 10:52am

Everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend.

Despite sore feet and legs, and rock scramble scratches, we survived the Old Rage Mountain hike.

A few Troop 682 announcements and reminders are noted below.

Announcements- Week of Nov 28

Posted on Nov 28 2021 - 5:50pm

Everyone, I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving.

I apologize, but I can’t help myself. In case you missed it, despite trailing by 9 points with 2:12 remaining in the game (and 1 timeout), N.C. State beat the University of North Carolina by 4 points in a dramatic football game Friday night (televised nationally on ESPN). During 2021, 451 college football teams trailed by 9 with 2:30 or less remaining in a game. None had won (until Friday night). Go Wolfpack!

Announcements- Week of Nov 8

Posted on Nov 8 2021 - 8:36pm

Everyone, I wish we had this weekend’s weather during the camporee (mudoree) last weekend.

A few troop 682 announcements are noted below.

Yours in Scouting, Mr. Thompson.